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Food for Health Coconut Water Powder 7.9 oz (224 G) and Biosource Nutrition Water Bottle 20 oz.

  • $34.99

Provides the electrolytes that can help replenish your body

Excellent source of trace minerals

Non-GMO coconut water in powder form

Biosource Nutrition Water Bottle 20 oz.


  • The personalized water bottle fits in any standard bike cage, but it's also great for taking to the gym or on a hike.
  • The push/pull spout on the screw-on lid keeps water from spilling out during your trek and also provides for one-handed drinking ease

     Food for Health Coconut Water Powder 7.9 oz. (224 G) provides the following electrolytes: MAGNESIUM POTASSIUM SODIUM One of the best things about Food for Health Coconut Water Powder is that it accomplishes the same purpose as sports drinks but does so without the added high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors and other chemical additives. How many servings are in each container? This canister has the equivalent of 220 fluid ounces (1.7 gallons) fresh coconut water. That’s about 20 boxed coconut waters (depending on the volume) you don’t have to lug home from the grocery store. How much coconut water do I get per serving of Coconut Water Powder? Four fluid ounces (or ½ cup) per serving. We chose this smaller serving size based on the needs of the average exerciser, who doesn’t need quite as much electrolyte maintenance as an endurance athlete. That said, if you want to drink more than the ½ cup serving size, feel free to use more servings of Food for Health Coconut Water Powder or add the powder to another drink instead. If you are drinking coconut water for the taste alone, by all means use as many servings as you want. Can I use Coconut Water Powder for anything besides sports nutrition? Absolutely. Try these on for size: Add to smoothies for a tropical taste. Add to soups for a tropical or Asian twist. Experiment by adding Coconut Water Powder to your baking projects. Use in our coconut water recipes developed in the test kitchen. Drink when you’re dehydrated or at risk for becoming dehydrated, for example while backpacking for several days. Drink during other times when your electrolytes are low (such as after fever). NO ADDED COLORS, FLAVORS, NUTRIENTS OR PRESERVATIVES NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS 1 serving (2 teaspoons) = 4 fluid ounces fresh coconut water.

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